Mobility Solutions

Delivering an innovative suite of services for Mobile Enablement of your business

Lone Star unites the convenient access and connectivity of Smartphone and Tablet devices with the power of call control. Lone Star’s Service Delivery Platform completes the Unified Communications circle and closes the gap, by extending the desktop to where your users live and work.

Our focus is to deliver a mobile marketing platform that provides mediation and trigger controls to a host of mobile services that are both external and internal to the platform. This mediation provides you with access to a growing number of social and marketing driven services to enhance your customer’s service and end-user experience.

Lone Star is the industry’s only complete end-to-end solution – an easily implemented toolkit for mobile applications that supports geolocation, search, content management, billing, notification, unified communications, and so much more.

Flexible design to meet the growing needs of Mobile Marketing and Solution delivery:

  • Geo-Triggered Lead Generation
  • Mobile Payment
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Social Media Integration
  • Customized IOS/Android Application Development
  • Content Distribution
  • Full Data Base Integration
  • Full Analytics and Reporting
Integration to existing apps *  Enhance your existing offering
*  Easily adopts to your current app business process flows
*  Provides access to many services brokered by our platform
OEM interfaces to your app design *  Uses native messaging protocol for mobile platforms
*  Json and XML calls via open and custom APIs
*  Adapts your internal development needs, not the other way around
White Label Application *  Accelerate time to delivery with pre-programmed processes
*  Useful for proof-of-concept deployments
*  Consultation available for custom application design and development
Full Ground Up Implementation *  Lone Star’s years of experience is used to bring your service to the market
*  Business requirements driven
*  Full graphic user experience design
*  Bring us your idea, let us do the rest
*  Proficient on Apple and Android SDKs
Data Analytics *  Platform provides access to detailed user data
*  Determine trends, realize campaign results
*  Study user habits and adjust services in real time
Ever Growing Services for Accessibility *  Constantly providing new interfaces to social and call processing APIs
*  Utilize your existing interface while our platform provides the heavy lifting
*  Custom and industry driven OSS/BSS/POS interconnect for your app to access
Access to any or all of our Feature Sets *  Once our interface to your app is implemented, you have access to any feature
*  Expand your service and needs as you grow, no need to start over
*  Platform brokered service gives you a common interface to all services provided
Presence Awareness (Geofencing) *  Location in Lat/Long
*  Read frequency control for efficient battery consumption
*  Location may be tied to Search and Discovery
*  Location Logic is highly controllable
Native Platform Messaging
(Message Deck)
*  Uses native messaging protocol for mobile platforms
*  Avoids SMS/MMS and other costly message protocols
*  Messages may be automated and driven by logic
*  Messages may deep-link to launch app or page within your app
Robust Search and Discovery *  "AND" "OR" "EXCLUSIVE OR" logic to refine search parameters
*  Combine mobile search  with UC logic to find a person , department, location, etc.
*  Support for Augmented Reality and other discovery techniques
Mobile Content Sync *  Support for synchronization of local storage on mobile client
*  Location may be used to trigger visibility or access to content
*  Comprehensive media support:  Video, Still image, Audio
*  Read and write 2D & 3D barcodes (QR codes) directly from your application
2D & 3D Barcodes *  Integrated camera library interface can connect ot vusiness logic
*  Barcode data may be used to open specific page of app or browser
*  Enables link between your application and physical signs or labels
*  Dynamic web content capability reduces demand for native code
Integrated Web Browser *  Seamlessly integrate your mobilized web content directly into the application experience
*  Enables online commerce and other 3rd-party functionality
PIN and other codes *  Limit content access and use by invoking security PINs
*  Code access can utilize optical code reader
*  Perishable/dynamic codes
Location Awareness *  Control location awareness with stateful-driven logic to address location spoofing
*  Use location as contextual data for enhanced data for enhanced security models
2-Step Verification *  Telephone number or message-based user verification (2-step security) available
*  User activity logged and accessible for use in security analysis
Flexible In-App Commerce *  3rd-party integration for credit card processing without the need for PCI compliance
*  Multi-layer access and control
*  Real-time view of user activity, stats, and process logs
*  All updates take place instantly once a submit is made
Integrated Billing *  Raw billing data information available for downstream processing
*  Integration with OptimalBill ™ to create reports, billing, and invoicing
*  API available for other OSS/BSS systems
Third Party Integration *  Open APIs for third party iOS and Android developers
*  Social network integration:  Twitter, Facebook, and many others
Smart Content Delivery *  Transaction information logged to keep user from needing to reenter informaton for follow-up transactions
*  Delivery of content may be controlled by time of day, day of week, user actionable event, and content aging
Web-based CM Portal *  Browser based interface control of system
*  24/7 Online access to all features, logic, and content
*  Account and user data visible and available for insight and analysis
Internal and External Database *  Internal and external databases of content may be used concurrently
*  Local uploading of content may be synchronized with content database
Unique Account Data *  Content control and delivery managed by portal can be done independently for any user, number of users, or groups
*  Multiple layers of content delivery and contril based on privilege class
Dynamic Web Content *  Integrated web browser in mobile application enables a mixture of local, synchronized, and dynamic web-served content in one experience
*  Ideal for integration of pre-existing mobile sites, content, and directorieis into application