Strategic Staffing

Lonestar provides  staffing solutions that are tailored to your company’s needs covering  engineering , IT,  expense management , finance and infrastructure installations. We offer staffing both onshore and offshore either on a full time equivalent basis, contract or project basis. Our customers enjoy rapid economic benefit and fulfillment of their business requirement.


Lonestar defines  “rebadging” as the process where your employees are on boarded to Lonestar where they continue working on your behalf as our employees. A transformation that focuses on a strategic plan and vision spurs on this type of approach as it relates to:

  • Acquisitions
  • Mergers
  • Facilities Management
  • Organic Growth

With Lonestar’s  systematic approach and process to rebadging, your customers and associates experience a seamless transition  achieving your business needs. At the same time, your business begins to enjoy cost savings and renewed performance improvements.

Call Center

Lonestar provides staffing for all your call center needs both onshore and offshore augmenting customers  current call center activities to building unique outsourced solutions driven by our customers business needs.

Tech Support


Network Operations Center (NOC)

Many Businesses, Network Operations, and  IT management  have identified their network operations centers and associated monitoring and callout activities as excellent outsourcing opportunities mostly  as network operations are essential but not strategic, and divesting them allows  focus on core business, new products and services while improving  financial results.

  • An affordable, managed services solution
  • A secure, reliable facility
  • Scalability into the hundreds of thousands of network elements
  • Solutions that can be deployed in days or weeks without a heavy dependency on consulting services
  • A focus on addressing their core concerns of rapid service resolution and asset management
  • A larger solution set that includes preventive maintenance, fault isolation and restoration, repair and return, and root cause analysis

Lonestar’s NOC is a secure, hardened,  facility that helps our customers with a unique combination of managed services technologies, methodologies and expertise. When  disruptions occur, our staff rapidly identify the source and location of the problem and determine the proper resolution and efficiently  enact the solution, engaging each of the relevant parties in the resolution process as needed and logging the resolution in the corporate knowledge base.

Lonestar will drive down total cost of ownership, lower the mean time to repair, improve service, manage  increasing network operations complexity, ensure business continuity and mitigate risk. 

Software Design and Coding

Lonestar  successfully delivers outsourced IT projects geared towards unique customer needs. We bring high levels of service, quality, process and thought leadership, while implementing state-of-the-art technologies for our clients at a cost that will save them anywhere from 30-70%. Our services and solutions are built to complement our customer’s business strategy, size and IT spend. Lonestar strategically leverages it’s partners and alliances, helping clients implement and integrate the best packaged solutions to deliver business results.

At Lonestar our custom software development services are structured to deliver results ranging from complex enterprise level applications to requirements for small projects. Our scalability of services uniquely enables us to bridge the gap between process vision and technology implementation for organizations of all sizes.

Whether your company needs direction in technology selection, or have our team lead your development project from vision to rollout, we can deliver results and meet your expectations.

Lonestar applies a proven method to all projects where we develop an understanding of how the custom application  will be developed,  integrate with your business processes and fully meet your expectations. The specific project plan that is created takes into consideration possible technology risks and determines milestones for accomplishing realistic timelines for development, testing and delivery.